Who We Are

We hold the distinction as Fort Lauderdale’s first eatery to earn GREAT Kitchen accreditation by Beyond Celiac. At Fresh First, we cater to a wide range of diets and healthy lifestyles with food as natural as possible. Whether you are celiac, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or simply a conscious eater, we prepare fresh, flavorful dishes for you daily.

Our Ingredients

We focus on made-from-scratch, fresh choices that are mostly organic, 100% gluten-free and vegan-friendly without GMOs using the purest local ingredients possible resulting in healthy food tasting better than you could ever imagine! We offer a wide variety of breakfast &  lunch specialties, salads, juices, and smoothies for the whole family.

Come and enjoy!


As previous New York multi-restaurant owners, we have committed ourselves to a healthy lifestyle which includes relocating to Ft Lauderdale. Being part of the community allows us to bring healthy and organic food choices to you and your family. Like many households, we also have diverse preferences that range from gluten free, organic and vegan. Come and enjoy with us!

Jim Guglielmo & Annette Francione


Our Story

Fresh First was created over 10 years ago, fulfilling a need for healthy food options in South Florida. Fresh First is one of the original 100% gluten-free, peanut-free, GMO-free and mostly organic restaurants in South Florida. We were Fort Lauderdale’s first restaurant to earn the recognition of GREAT Kitchen by Beyond Celiac, for catering to diets and lifestyles of all shapes and sizes with food as natural as possible and all made in-house from scratch.

The previous owners Tarso Teixeira and his wife Eliana built a successful business with this concept, and took Fresh First to another level. After a few adjustments and new creations, Fresh First had delicious menu items to appeal to pescatarians, vegetarians, celiacs, vegans, raw vegans, and the regular conscious eater omnivore.

Today we take the baton and continue on the mission of Fresh First.

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