Why Fresh First?

Food is healing so let’s heal the world.

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Our Focus

Our focus is to serve healthy food that is delicious, fresh, creative, and nutritious to the mainstream world. We are a restaurant where everyone in the family can find items to eat regardless of diet, restrictions, or sensitivities.

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“We believe that our health is directly linked to what we eat and how we feed our bodies, mind, and soul.”
-Eliana & Tarso, Fresh First

Tray with Chicken Eggs

The Fresh First Way

  • Make everything from scratch (From scratch is what we do!)
  • Use 100% gluten and peanut free ingredients
  • Have our own proprietary blend of gluten-free flour
  • Make house-made burger patties
  • Make our own mayo
  • Use only olive and coconut oils
  • Use no microwaves and friers in our kitchens
  • Strive to use as many organic ingredients as possible
  • Sprout our own lentils and garbanzos
  • Bake our own gluten-free bread
  • Know all the ingredients in our food
  • Make our own hot sauce
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Health requires healthy food.

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